Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hideko's Stitching on my Xmas Tree Skirt

A couple months ago I blogged photos of the wedges I made for a crazy quilted tree skirt. They are travelling around in a Christmas round robin among a small group of stitchers and friends (the same round robin in which I am working on Leslie's wreath). Hideko in Japan has just sent me photos of the one she completed and I just had to share! I love Hideko's work - it is always exquisite - and it is always a thrill to have a piece of it in my hot little hands.

This wedge is entitled "Star Dust" because Hideko has added a series of stars, connecting them with a trail of beaded star dust.

I love the fan that Hideko has made built out from the small white seqinned piece she added and her silk ribbon embroidery is wonderful!

I think my favourite aspect of Hideko's work is always her seams though - I am a real seam treatment junkie!

It was fun too seeing Hideko's version of one of my favourite techniques - cross stitch on crazy quilting! Her little snowy scene is perfect on this darker piece of fabric! Thank you, Hideko, for all the wonderful stitching you have gifted me with! I will be so excited when I get to see the work in the photos in person!
I have been swamped with several projects - one being the CQI Annual Purse contest (I will let you know when the judging is done and the photos appear on the CQI blog) and the other has been on ongoing battle to bring the campground up to my standards before campers start arriving in droves in the warmer weather. As a result, I have fallen far behind on my stitching for Leslie on her wreath and must make an real effort to finish up! I'll be posting more photos of that as well as the new BAS in the next few days.


Skye said...

Hideko does lovely work..I know this tree skirt will be gorgeous..Can't wait to see it all together...hugs, Skye

Pollydo2003 said...

What wonderful work, what a treasure.