Thursday, June 4, 2009

Little Boxes

This is hilarious! I woke up this morning still humming Little Boxes so I got onto the internet. Now, please note I am humming the version of the song, by Pete Seeger, that I am sure predates Rock and Roll! It is one of the first folk songs I remember. I went to UTube and was surprised to learn that the song has been covered by Weeds in their Rise Against CD! So maybe I'm not showing my age after all by mentioning this song? And of course who could forget the song sung by its creator, Melvina Reynolds? If you are not familiar with the song you will have to check out both versions but listen to Melvina first! You might want to put on your old Woodstock t-shirt for that one! Woodstock? What is Woodstock you ask?Does three days of peace and music ring a bell? No? Gosh - I DO feel old again now! lol

This musical interlude brought to you by an overtired stitcher with a song stuck in her head.


Annie said...

It's all just a blur in a haze of smoke and brownies.

Now turn that image into a CQ piece!

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

OMG Annie - you made me laugh! I choked on my coffee! ROFLMBO!

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Actually, Annie, I thought of the perfect piece of cq to show you! I can't find a picture of it though - it is on the computer at home likely. My friend, Lynn, added it to a round robin block I had going around, was going to use it in a tea tray under glass. Anyway, in the middle of the block Lynn added a silkie of the Alice in Wonderland (or was it Through the Looking Glass?) tea party and under it she put a ribbon where she had added the words, "Remember what the doormouse said..."

How's that? Remember what the doormouse said? In the voice of the great Gracie Slick - Feed Your Mind! lol - so is that haze of smoke and brownies enough for you?? It is my absolute fav thing ever added to a round robin block!

Shari said...

Little Boxes on the that melody and the words of the song ring true in suburbia today! Woodstock....wanted to go, folks said no......was probably best I ended up sick that weekend! Will never disassociate the two events!