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Save the Stitches Finished!

 I finally finished my "Covid Project"!  I worked on Elizabeth Almond's beautiful blackwork sampler design, "Save the Stitches" for much longer than I would like to admit...  I have to say though that it was very satisfying every step of the way.  I have not been able to concentrate on stitching in any significant way for some time now due to chronic pain and the dullness that the pain meds cause but having finished this piece gives me hope for my stitching future.  I also love the framing which was lovingly done by MJ of "Art Effects" in High River, Alberta.
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Stitching Journal - Jan. 20, 21 & 22

 I am very enamored with thrummed mittens right now, so having finished a pair for Katie, I am now making a second pair for my friend, John.  This pair is going much more smoothly and I am almost done the first of the pair. Jan 20 - 4 hours Jan 21 -  3 hours                                        Jan 22 - 3 hours                                          Total Stitching Tie for 2022 To Date - 21 hours

Stitching Journal - Jan. 12 - 16, 2022

  All workiing on thrummed mittens: Jan 12 - 3 hours Jan 13 - 1/2 hours Jan 14 - 2 hours Jan 15 - 2 hours                                             Jan 16 - 1/4 hour                                             Yearly Total to Date:  11 hours

Stitching Journal - Jan 8 - 10

  Too busy stitching to journal!  Two and a half hours over the last couple days and finished the first thrummed mitten. Total Stitching for 2022:  5-1/4 hours

Stitching Journal - January 5

  No stitching yesterday but another 2-1/4 hours spent on the thrummed mittens today. Total Stitching Time Year to Date:  3/-1/4 hours 

Stitching Journal - January 4

  I managed to get an hour in last night working on my thrummed mittens.  I didn't make a lot of visible progress because I am really not a knitter.  I knit dishcloths usually, and not fancy ones either. LOL. There are horrendous mistakes in this mitten but I refuse to tear it out and start over for a third time.  If worse comes to worse, I will make three mittens and rip out the first one at the end. Total .Stitching Total for 2022 to Date - 1 hour

Word for the Year

 Well, two actually.  The question came up as to what word you would choose for the coming year.  One suggestion I really like is focus but it is not quite right and sounds a bit chiding to me.  What I really needed was the opposite of Procrastinate and found this online... If to procrastinate is "to put off doing something," then its antonym is  anticipate  — "to deal with beforehand." So you can say the opposite of procrastination is anticipation. If you can live with more than one word, a clearer antonym of procrastination is being proactive. I like the positive sound of anticipate but proactive sounds a bit more forceful which might be better since I really need to take myself in hand here.  So, I will take a page from the book of people who get married and hyphenate their surnames.  My word for the year will be Anticipate/Proactive.