Monday, March 2, 2015

EAC Beginner Counted Thread Correspondence Course

One of the things that has been keeping me out of mischief is starting on the Beginner Counted Thread Correspondence Course from The Embroiderers' Association of Canada.  This is an individual course so is quite unlike the group courses I have taken before.  The group courses center around a project - you have three or so months to finish the project and ta-dah! you are done.
The individual courses are more study courses where you do samples, research, etc.  Lots of information on the correct way to do things and little hints along the way to improve your stitching.  So, even though I've done a fair bit of counted thread work, I am starting with the beginner one and so far I am happy I did.  You are allowed 18 months to finish the six lessons in this course.  You send each lesson in and make whatever corrections are necessary when you get it back.  You end up with a huge binder of wonderful resource material although by the way lesson one went, I don't think one binder will do it, lol.
These are my pages from Lesson One ready to be packaged up and sent off in the mail to my counsellor.  It looks like a small pile but only a fraction of the pages need to be corrected along the way - the rest will be reviewed when I submit the whole binder at the end.  This little pile of pages actually represents quite a bit of work though!
So, keep your fingers crossed for me that I don't need to re-do too much of it!  While I am waiting for it to come back, I'll be starting on lesson 2 - blackwork!

Where did I go to this time?

I have been quiet again and this time it is because I lost my camera!  Finally found it and will be taking some photos of what I have been working on to share.

Monday, February 23, 2015

49 Days to Go!

I am going to Edmonton for ten days of classes with Tanja Berlin in April - so excited! The first class I am taking is four days on designing your own needlepainting picture.  I will be stitching Duke, my daughter's older bloodhound - love that dog!
This is the photo I will be using for the basis of the needlepainted or threadpainted piece I'll be working on.  Isn't he the handsomest boy?!

The second class will be two days of goldwork and I had to choose one of Tanja's kits for that one.  I have wanted to learn or nue for some time now so am going to do her peacock feather piece. 
The last class is three more days and is on designing your own blackwork pieces.  No idea what I will do on that one yet but very excited.
These classes are all put on by the Focus on Fibre Arts Association - a wonderful organization in Edmonton devoted to encouraging, fostering and developing, excellence and appreciation of fibre as an art form.  Their goals are to promote fibre artists, to create an awareness of fibre as art and to highlight the benefits of creating fibre art.  To this end, they regularly put on classes that are free to members and the yearly membership in Focus on Fibre Arts Association is only $10 a year - what a wonderful opportunity this creates to learn from outstanding teachers!  
I joined the organization of course and so all I need to pay for these ten glorious days is my supplies and accommodations.  

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Very Cute Potholders

I have to share a photo of these adorable potholders I received from my Secret Stitcher this month.  This is part of a year long exchange on EAC Virtual Threads online chapter - like a secret sister thing, except among stitchers.  For February I received these potholders and I just love them - so clever and pretty.  Your fingers slip under the side flaps so they are perfect for taking things out of the microwave and grabbing a pot handle.  Like little oven mitts!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Little Beaded Lady Pin

Isn't this adorable?  It arrived in my mailbox this week as a result of a Pay it Forward thing on Facebook.  This cute little beaded lady is a brooch and was sent to me by Sue Thomas.  Sue is one of the most creative ladies I know and I am delighted to give her little bead lady a good home.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Another highlight from this week's guild meeting

I have to send out a shout out to Karen Creftor for sharing her Bargello Heart design with us at our February guild meeting.  Thank you Karen!  As you can see, the ladies really enjoyed it!
Now, not really fair to show you this and not tell you where to get the design, is it?  I wouldn't do that to you!  lol  You can check out Karen's design for yourself here.

The Sort of Thing that Keeps me Busy...

Sometimes I seem to spend a lot of time keeping busy with no results.  This is one of those examples.  I volunteered to make the nametags for the teachers at Seminar 2015 in Calgary.  The photo above shows what I was given as a guideline.
 This is my first attempt.  First of all let me say that it was a very rough prototype!  I can explain the gingham ruffle as well.  The theme of this year's Seminar is Stampeding Stitches and everything is very Western!  So, the rope stitch around the edge and the ruffle was my attempt to "think Western".  It was a no go - the waste canvas I used didn't give me very nice lettering, the ruffle was "too much" and the rope stitch should be replaced with an actual piece of twine.
This is my second attempt - didn't bother finishing it into an actual pin this time until I got the go ahead on it. Counted thread instead of surface embroidery this time to try to get better lettering.  The designing, charting and stitching ate up about half of a day - surprising for such a small thing but there you have it.  I'm slow!  Anyway, it didn't go either - the lettering was "too hard to read" and the wording wasn't what they decided they wanted - didn't want CGNFA or EAC Seminar 2015 anymore.  Refer to the first photo  - was starting to feel frustrated.
Thankfully, my friend Jennie sent me a photo of one she designed and asked what I thought of it.  I loved it!  And so did the committee!  So, off the hook and happy as a clam to get back to stitching something else.  But this is where my hours seem to trickle away to...