Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Notes from the Lake

No, I have not decided to bless you with pictures of one of the outhouses that I clean each day as part of my daily regime here at the campground! At least not directly. What I want you to notice is the swallow sitting anxiously in the tree waiting for me to pack up my cleaning gear and vacate the premises.
This particular outhouse is for some strange reason designed with a large gap at the top of the doors. The blur in the top left hand corner of the door is Ms. Swallow again or perhaps it is her mate. They both seem equally unhappy about my presence in the area.

Here is the reason the two swallows are so concerned. Each year they build their nest and raise their young inside the outhouse close to the ceiling. For the most part, no one notices the nest up there and they go undisturbed. No young here yet, peeking their heads up for a snack, but it shouldn't be long. These swallows are another of my favourite birds here at the lake and, like me, they come back each year faithfully.

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Annie said...

You mean the swallows don't appreciate all your hard work? I can't believe that. I'm sure they know that good help is hard to find! ;-)