Monday, June 29, 2009

BAS - Week 30 - Meandering Ribbon

The pictures this week aren`t the greatest so bare with me while I explain. This week`s challenge is to use a length of ribbon to meander along a seam. Usually I use beads to attach the ribbon but whatever you want to experiment with is great.
In the first picture (above) is a good example of what I mean when I say the ribbon is meandering. It isn`t just going in a straight line - rather it wanders a bit and can loop around or fold - all of which gives it some nice textural interest. Before anyone gets excited about how wonderfully I beaded down this ribbon,,,, nope, it came with the beads already on it. It would be a better example if it was actually on a seam but we`ll have to use our imagination a bit here.
On this second example, again unfortunately not actually on a seam, the ribbon is sewn down under the roses. The ribbon is just sewn on straight here and I don`t like it as much as the first one which has more interest I think. So, likely everyone has seen the technique I am talking about here - bows and ribbons often appear on crazy quilting blocks attached with seed beads.

Here are a few more examples I lifted from the photos at CQI:

These two show the lovely meandering I have been trying to describe!

For something completely different, here is a ribbon held in place with stitches instead of beads.
If anyone has a better picture they would be willing to share I would love to add it here! This was all I could find in my laptop here at the lake.

For anyone happening on this post who isn`t familiar with the BAS, the Build a Seam Challenge is open to anyone who would like to take part. My only request is that you share a picture of what you come up with. Please leave a comment with a link to your photo so we can all enjoy your creation. The purpose of the challenge is to try to stretch our comfort zones a bit as far as seam treatments go by trying new stitches, etc. Each week I will post a new stitch technique or a basic framework for a seam and it is up to everyone to see what they can add in the way of stitches, beads, baubles, etc. to come up with a seam treatment they are happy with. Have fun!


CarolynPhi said...

Hi Kerry:

I'm just now reading the answer to the question I asked about your BAS challenge,LOL!!!

I definitely want to play...VBG!!


Gerry Krueger said...

LOL I recognize those "wandering" ribbons!!!! Leslie's and my work on Cobi's block in the encrusted RR!!! Too funny to be able to recognize it from the tiny photo. Does that mean we are too focus on our work?????