Saturday, June 6, 2009

BAS - Week 28 - Palestrina Knot Stitch

Here is the stitch for this week's Build a Seam, Week 28, and it is the Palestrina Knot Stitch. A tutorial for the stitch is located in the next post. If you read that one, and then look at this picture, you will see what I meant about deciding where you want your knots before you start rolling with this. In the beginning, at the left end of the seam, I had the knots at the bottom of each stitch, then gradually I changed my mind and moved them up to the middle. You can tug them into whatever position you want but I think a better choice for me would have been to make up my mind and stick with one position! lol We're all learning here but sometimes I think I am the one learning it all the hard way!

In case it is of interest, I used the Gloriana Silk Princess Perle Petite thread for this seam, in colour #002 (Silver Fox). The Gloriana is my favourite thread at the moment. As a treat to myself, I have signed up for a monthly Collector Program for this thread at Traditional Stitches

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