Tuesday, June 2, 2009

$11.00 at the Thrift Store - Part 2

Well, here are the rest of my thrift store finds from the other day! First off, how could I resist this old book on making costumes from crepe paper?

Here is a page from inside. I can just imagine sending your child out in a crepe paper costume. How much work would this be too? I can't be easy - certainly doesn't look easy! lol
I can never resist wooden spools of thread. I don't know what I am ever going to do with them but I am getting quite a collection. The red fabric is cotton and will go into my stash for when I have gathered enough to make a rug I have in mind. I can't remember the name of the technique now but the tool is made from a toothbrush. Could it be called a toothbrush rug? That doesn't sound right. The squares of blue felt will be made use of experimenting with beading and stumpwork for additions to crazy quilts. Gerry K uses felt for the base of her beading and stumpwork additions and I am inspired from looking at her pictures.

Some old patterns you just have to have! I have always wanted to knit a beret for my daughter (don't ask me why!) and now I have a pattern. The black and white pattern book in the top right hand corner is circa 1946. I am blaming Bitter Betty for inspiring this current obsession with old clothing patterns. She does wonderful things with old patterns on her blog! In the bottom left there is a poncho pattern among others. I missed the last time they came back into style a couple years ago but I'll be ready next time. The last pattern in the bottom right is for doll clothes. So sweet!

And I found a few fairly current (within 10 years?) cross stitch magazines and patterns. I used to do a lot of cross stitch but now I mainly use them to pick bits and pieces from to apply to crazy quilting blocks using waste canvas.
I found a couple of old Creative Circle kits. Remember Creative Circle? I thought they looked fun and easy for those moments when you need something in your hands and nothing in your brain! lol The lamb is adorable and might come in handy. One of the quilting groups I belong to has a lot of younger members starting their families and there is an ongoing collection of 6" quilt blocks collected to make baby quilts for each new arrival. If nothing else this might just be a cute baby quilt block when it is done.

And, last but not least, look what I found in the "Free Box" at the cashout - my very favourite Beanie Baby of all times. I love this little guy painting his easter egg and wearing most of the paint. I have one sitting on my computer at home and now I have one for the trailer too.

Well, that's it! $11.00 well spent! Now to get my mindset off acquiring more stash and back to using up the stash I have.


Miss 376 said...

I can't believe how much you got for your money. A great buy

Quilted Cupcake said...

Great deals! I just bought a bunch of old patterns yesterday. Thanks for the link on how to use them. I knew I'd want them for something.

Thanks again for joining the link party! Love your stuff!

susan said...

Hi The costume book is sooo neat. I would have snatched that up too. I love old books. Looks like you found some good treasures!