Monday, June 8, 2009

Leslie's Wreath is off to Japan!

Please excuse the camera angle - I have managed to make Leslie's wreath look lopsided and it is perfectly round. Anyway, this is the wreath now my bit is done. I was the first to stitch on it and now it is heading off in the mail to Hideko in Japan for her to work on.
I spread my stitching over two sections . this is the first at the bottom of the wreath. I've already shown the vase there made from a piece of vintage kimona fabric appliqued down with String of Pearls planted in it. Directly to the left of that I did a gold ribbon garland with snowflake charms hanging from it. Above the garland I did two seam treatments - one a gold feather stitch and the other is cretan stitch with mop (mother of pearl) buttons. I found some wonderful ribbon just before I moved my stash to the lake for the summer. This black and white check velvet ribbon was my favourite and I just had to find a way to work it in. So, I sewed the ribbon down on a patch and then made some gathered flowers and ribbon stitch leaves with silk ribbon embroidery and placed them on the ribbon. To the right of that is my double cretan stitch seam that was last week's BAS challenge.

Not much new here. This is the other section I did at the top of the wreath with the trio of beaded ornaments, the satin stitched embossed black fabric and the palesrina stitch seam. There is also another seam I did there with herringbone.
I hope Leslie will like what I did and that the other stitchers in this round robin will not find it too hard to work around.


piney cq said...

Ohhhh! Thanks sweetie! What a ton of work you've done!! Great job!!! Can't wait to see it all in person!!! The ornies and..and...and... are Super!!! VBG!

Maggie R said...

Being a new crazy quilter I am in awe of your work....
Thanks for your inspiration