Saturday, June 6, 2009

To frog or not to frog - that is the question!

This is the pink scary flower I beaded. I found a wonderful tutorial online for a beaded flower. Hmm... that looks easy! I bet I can tweak it a little and turn it into a poinsettia... Well, the answer to that is obviously no I couldn't! What I ended up with was this pink blob flower that I think must grow leaning up against a silo at Three Mile Island. (Don't be scared, Leslie, I took it out! I made the bad flower go away.)

But it got me thinking about the bigger question - do you frog? (as in rippit rippit) As a matter of day to day stitching, I don't. If the stitches are uneven I will justify it by telling myself if I wanted perfectly even stitches (which, all right, I admit I do), I would use a machine. If the colour is not what I envisioned it would be I will add some more of it somewhere else to try to balance it. Basically, I will do anything to save myself from ripping stuff out. I don't know if I am in the minority in this or not though.

So, the question remains - to frog or not to frog - which do you do?


quiltlion said...

Acutally Kerry the flower is not so bad, maybe on the right block......Lyn G

Anonymous said...

I like the flower personally.

As for to frog or not to frog. I frog I just can not handle it when I know its not right even if no one else would know they may think I did it that way on purpose but it will bug me till I rip it out. Unless it is impossible, but I usually find a way!!

Gerry Krueger said...

Although I believe that flower was VERY salvagable which like you I try first but I do a LOT of ripping. The OOYCZ piece for Lauri I have ripped and ripped. Maybe when I get some tiger tape I won't rip so much.... Gerry

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

This is interesting - so far the froggers have the lead and no one hated the flower as much as I did! lol Maybe I could have lived with it just as a flower but what I wanted was a poinsettia and it just wasn't cutting it. But the next motif I did I loved. So, it all evens out I guess!

Wendy said...

Hi Kerry, I hate to frog myself, but will if it looks bad I have completed my whole section and went back and taken out stitches because they were a little bit off. I guess that comes from the sane quilting that I