Monday, June 22, 2009

Potholder Swap

I took part in a Potholder Swap on the Mailblocks group. My idea was that I would accumulate some lovely potholders in this ongoing swap to gift my daughter with when she moves into her own place this year. I am not sure if I can part with this one though! I received this beauty from Debbie in Georgia and it is a project someone had started that she picked up at an estate sale. Debbie believes the fabrics are from feedsacks. Whether they are or not, they are certainly charming vintage fabrics! Thank you, Debbie!

I made a potholder for Debbie in return from this crazy quilt block I had been gifted with. It was difficult to stay away from beads, buttons and charms but I did not think they would be appropriate for an actual working potholder. I had just finished this one when I realized it did not meet all the requirements of the swap - 100% cottons were specified. So, I decided to send this one anyway and make another to go with it that did meet all the specifications.I have been following the Selvage Blog with fascination for some time now and decided this was my chance to play around a bit with selvages. So, here is my selvage potholder for Debbie! It was fun to do and I am even more admiring now of the folks who are making large projects like whole quilts with selvages. All I can think is that they have much larger fabric stashes than I do since this little potholder took most of the selvages I could glean from my stashed fabrics, at least here in the trailer.


Selvage Quilter said...

Hi Kerry,

I like your potholders! Especially the selvage one:)

Now that you've decided not to use the crazy quilt for a potholder, you can all all those embellishments you were thinking of!

The exchange sounds like fun.

Happy quilting.


CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Kerry, Really neat potholders. I am sure you daughter will love them. Hugs Judy

Susan/CqLily said...

A potholder swap is a new one on me...I am afraid I would never use them because they are too pretty! What do you use for the 'insulating factor'? Anyway, I really like them! Thanks for sharing!