Monday, June 15, 2009

Notes from the Lake

There is it - my little sign! I keep asking both my husband and my boss why Gary got top billing?? Can't figure it out myself! lol Have you ever seen the series of Fawlty Towers programs? Do you remember how the sign kept changing? Wouldn't be surprised if the same thing happened here!
It has been a wild week with lots going on. I had my brother out for two visits, and my stitching buddy came for a couple nights (the only time in the last week I have managed to pick up a needle - thanks Ilys!) and tomorrow morning I am expecting an old high school friend to arrive with her husband. I haven't seen her for a couple years now so am excited about spending some time catching up and reminising. (You know you are old and forgetful when you can find good memories of high school!)
Our little campground no one knows about appears to have been discovered by folks. I am not surprised since it is close to the city and inexpensive. Also we are "first come - first served" so we do not book up weeks in advance like so many other places. It is really nice there are still some places like this where you can decide to go camping after work on a Friday night and know you will still get a spot! The weather was glorious this last weekend and the boaters especially seemed to be having a wonderful time.

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quiltlion said...

I will expect your sign to change Just like it did on Fawlty Towers! That would make your summer interesting! Lyn G