Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Notes from the Lake

I was wondering why Oreo, the larger of the two dogs here with me, always gobbled up all the little one`s food right away when he came in the trailer. Typical for dogs, I suppose, but not really in his nature. Being older he doesn`t have that good an appetite. Well, it turns out it is because someone else is eating Oreo`s food. Watching this sparrow and his buddies, it is surprising how much they eat and how happy they are to have a ready and abundant food supply! lol Oreo won`t chase them off either - he just sits and watches them eat his munchies and then wonders where they went?DD gave me this little tile for my camper together with the little stand. Cute! She managed to get me to tear up as well with her Mother`s Day card on Sunday.
It read:
(outside with a picture of a starry night)
Just before you go to bed tonight,
look out your window.
See that little star
shining down just for you?
Every time it twinkles,
it`s me saying
I love you,
and I miss you,
and I can`t wait until
you`re here with me again.
Considering it is the third year I have left home for four months in the summer to do this job, leaving her behind, she is very supportive of my choice. It is a little different this year though, because when I get back home she will have already left for her first year of university. Tugs at this old mom`s heart a bit.


Anonymous said...

Oh Kerry that was very heartwarming to read are so lucky to have that kind of supportive love.

Lovely fur baby report back...too funny!
Hugs Pam

gocrazywithme said...

We used to have starlings that would come under our carport where we kept our bicycles and snitch the dog's food. They'd light on the bikes, wait for the coast to be clear, then swoop over and grab some kibble. The droppings they left on the bikes looked suspiciously like doggy-doo!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Kerry your daughter is sooo sweet to give you such a neat gift and lovely card. Hugs judy