Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Debbie's Spider II Round Robin Block/BAS 25

I have had such a good time working on Debbie's block in the Spider 2 Round Robin with CQI. I was the first to work on the block and it was a joy to stitch on. I think perhaps I have left my "inner critic" at home and found my muse here at the lake because I am so pleased with how it all worked.

Obviously, this is where I was doing my Week 24 and 25 BAS challenge seams, although I removed the lavender beads I had added to the trim since they weren't working with this block's colour scheme.

The little ladybug, or Ladybird beetle to be more exact, is a bead. The jewelled dragonfly and butterfly are both bits of cannibalized reclaimed jewelry. On the small gold patch I layered tatting and lace and added a filigree gold butterfly.

As you can see, I finished my little stumpwork boysenberry bush - my first attempt at stumpwork! - and hung a little spider charm from some blending filament web. To the left of it is the only traditional seam I did on the block, other than the bit of trim. I did this one in a double herringbone with straight stitches and beads added, all in coordinating hand-dyed Perle cotton.

I hope Debbie likes it as much as I do!


Gerry Krueger said...

This looks like really rich textured fabric and works beautifully with the nature theme... Love the circle within a circle... Your dragonfly in a circle will always be one of my favorite I've done... You've inspired me to think "circle" again... Gerry

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerry, Love your overall design here--the vine spiralling around the web is beautiful, and I adore your little tree; the stumpwork looks amazing!
Lynn in SoCal

Thelma said...

Your first stumpworks is so lovely Kerry, You've done a great job on this block.

Allison Ann Aller said...

Hi Kerry...that IS nice stumpwork. I haven't tried it yet but am working up the nerve to....you make it look easy!
Thanks for swinging by my blog so I could follow you here.. ;-) Allie