Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Notes from the Lake

Ahhh... this morning I was up early enough to receive a glimpse of sunrise behind the lake. It was beautiful and clear but as the morning progresses it is beginning to look more and more like rain. I guess the old saying is true: Red sky at morning - take warning. The sunrises are another of my favourite things about being out here. I don't have a clear of view of them at home so this makes each one special.

Well, I think it is time to introduce you to the rest of the staff at the campground. This is my darling Pomeranian of 13 years. Her job here is to guard the inside of the trailer and to use her body weight to hold keep the pillows from flying away. She is very diligent and takes her job seriously - sometimes she will spend all afternoon on the bed holding down the cushions! I have had a Pom in my family for 40 years now without a break and obviously from that you know I love these little guys. Nala here is like all Poms who are said to suffer from Small Dog Syndrome. I prefer to think she has the heart of a lion beating in her furry little chest! Sometimes this gets her in trouble. As you can see she has lost an eye to a Rotweiler she thought she could put in his place.

This is the last member of the crew. His name is Oreo and he takes a lovely picture when he smiles but in this instance he was clowning around. Serves him right having this picture posted online for not saying cheese when he is told! Oreo is a border collie and they have beautiful smiles. He is my doorbell letting me know when someone arrives. He is also responsible for making sure guests don't steal any blankets and he achieves this by joining them in bed and hogging the covers all night. DH is trying to convince me that Oreo deserves to retire and stay at home in the summer - what do you think? He is getting almost as much grey hair as me. Does that mean I deserve to retire too?


morvoren said...

Oh the dogs are so sweet Kerry, Love oreo's look...have always had Border collies as well as others ourselves.
As for whether like Oreo you should retire h'mmm? Depends you may hair gray hair ( but do you dribble at the mouth also? giggles)
Hugs Pam

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Do I dribble at the mouth? Well... I have been known to drool a bit when fondling my stash. Does that count? lol