Friday, May 1, 2009

Back at the Lake... and back online!

This evening saw me moving my trailer back to the lake where I work for each summer at a Provincial Campground. I settled in with the latest issue of Inspirations, which arrived in the mail this week. I had held onto it in anticipation of the long evenings here in which to really enjoy it. Now if I could just remember where I packed my glasses I would be all set! roflol Oh well, the pictures looked pretty!

The first sound that greeted me on my arrival was the lovely song of the Western Meadowlark. They brought power to my site last summer and he considers the power pole his personal property and sits on top singing his heart out. The meadowlarks are one of my favourite birds so it was joyous to hear his song again. There is a lot of honking going on over at the lake which I will explore tomorrow - sounds like geese. It could be snow geese but I always have difficulty telling them from swans and swans are so much more romantic so I will likely decide that is what they are. Age has it's priviliges!!

I purposely forgot to bring the lovely little tv dh bought for me. One of the joys out here is the long quiet evenings in which to stitch and read. I have lots of stitching to catch up on now I am here and getting settled and will post pics as I get things done. I always think blog entries without pictures are pretty dull but I couldn't resist popping in to say Hello! Two deer have just glided though my campsite like grey ghosts. As the campsite fills with campers the deer will be too wary to make an appearance so it is wonderful to see them now on my first night,

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