Saturday, May 30, 2009

$11.00 at the Thrift Store...

I had the opportunity this week to visit one of my favourite thrift stores. This is one I only get to in the summer when I am at the lake which is fine because their inventory turns over very slowly. Usually I can find some treasures though since almost anything fiber related is interesting as far as I'm concerned. I found an old how to quilt book - maybe I will finally figure out how to baste a quilt? Also a book of Christmas patterns for Swedish Weaving. I know I have some monk's cloth around somewhere so maybe I'll give that a go...
Who can resist issues of McCalls Needleworks and Crafts? Especially the funky Annual of Creative Handcrafts from 1971? It is chock full of instructions for macrame, batik, hairpin lace and more!

Thrift stores always seem to be a treasure trove for knitting patterns. These I might actually make. As you might be able to tell I am besotted with anything with cables. Fisherman`s knits were my favourite knitting era!

You can never have too many tatting patterns and you can never find enough tatting patterns! These old vintage booklets always have patterns for a few tatted edgings that are good for crazy quilting.

And who can resist a whole jar of buttons for $2? Not me, that`s for sure! Lots of ordinary buttons in here - maybe I`ll make some button people for Christmas ornaments or??? There was also a smaller number of `keepers` - shell buttons, glass, metal, and some adorable vintage plastic ones.
Well, you are thinking I paid $11 for all of this? You underestimate my bargain hunting skills! lol This is only half of the haul. I`ll show you the rest tomorrow.


Miss 376 said...

Would never be able to resist those buttons

Cheryl said...

What finds! Macrame from the 70's, really big then! I love thrift store finds, and the buttons are always a prize!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, take care!

morvoren said...

Oh wonderful finds Kerry :O) I even took the photo large to look up close and personal to the button stash sad is that lol
I have a book at moment with buttons ages etc so fasinating.
I could get addicted to button collecting too....hells bells soon there be no room for us to walk aroound the home!!!!!!
Hugs Pam

Amy said...

What fun! Great finds, can't wait to see the rest of it!