Friday, May 8, 2009

My Boysenberry Bush

I have been working on Debbie's block in a Spider & Webs round robin at CQI, working very slowly I might add. Thankfully, the others in this round robin are being patient with me and I am stitching as fast as my little fingers can go! I got out The Complete Book of Stumpwork and decided to give it a go. This is the trunk and branches of what will, hopefully, be a boysenberry bush. I have ordered some wire for the raised leaves but it is going to take too long to get here so they will have to be regular leaves instead, done on the surface. I still have to add a couple berries to this as well - they will actually be stumpwork I think. All this to have somewhere for my little spider charm to hang! lol
The trunk and branches were Raised Stemwork and it was new to me and a great stitch. I love the effect and will definitely keep using it!

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Cobi said...

Kerry, what a pretty start. The Complete book of stumpwork is great, I use it a lot. In stead of wired leaves you could just cut felt leaves, tack them down and embroider over those, gives a good 3D look. I haven't used the raised stemstitch yet, what yarn did you use, the color is perfect for a tree.