Saturday, May 9, 2009

Notes from the Lake

One of my favourite things at the lake is the variety of birdlife. Each summer I think I should become a "real" birder, start a life list, etc. but in the winter the idea dims - how many sparrows can you get excited about? lol Sadly, that is about the only bird I see at home. Out here at the lake though there is a much larger variety and I get quite excited about it. Yesterday the yellow-headed blackbirds (yes, that is the actual name, not just a description) were cooperative enough that I was able to get a couple of pictures. I just love the splash of vivid colour on them!
In my crazy quilting, I have a tendency to be to concerned with things matching and coordinating. I think bolder colour combinations might be in order like on these little fellows. My dear mother used to tell me to look to nature for colour combinations. In nature it all looks good together so if the combination appears in nature it is a good one. Good advice!

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