Monday, May 4, 2009

Gift from my Secret Sister

I have mentioned before I am in a Secret Sister swap on the Yahoo group, Quilting on a Budget. This swap appealed to me because the budget minded organizers set the rules to say that everything you send for the entire year must cost you under $10! I like a challenge so this appealed to me and my thrifty ways.
Above is the package I received from my Secret Sis recently. I think that the thing I like most about these little gifts is that they always seem to be little handmade treasures and neat little things you don't get for yourself. As the "To Do List Queen", I love the pretty notepad. And the cute little fabric chickie frig magnet is perfect for attaching said lists to the frig where I can see them.
Even the little sachet is perfect. It smells just like laundry that has come in from the clothesline! It is giving my whole trailer a lovely fresh scent which is a bonus since I spent the whole day picking up cow poop (but that is another story! lol) So, my sincere thanks go out to my Secret Sister, whoever you are!!

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