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Last Year's Resolutions - How Did I Do?

So, time for me to look at my stitching goals for last year and see how I did.  
2014 GOALS
1.Stitch for 15 minutes a day - every day.  This is the best goal I ever set for myself and has kept me on track more than anything else I have done.  If you stitch for 15 minutes every day (yes, set a timer!) you will likely keep stitching longer on a lot of days.  Even if you don't, you will be stitching 1-3/4 hours a week which isn't too shabby.  Also, and most important, I know that if I don't stitch today, I likely won't stitch tomorrow and before I know it the trend snowballs and I'm not going to be stitching at all.
This continues to be a challenge but I think I do a bit better each year.  Still not happening every day but when it does, it is good.  Can't recommend this one enough!
2.Blog regularly.  I fell down on this hopelessly this year and as a result only a couple of diehards are still reading my blog - thank you both of you!  lol  If I post what I am stitching I can see that I am accomplishing something and that is all good.  It is another tool to keep me going which can be difficult as I cycle in and out of the depressed state which is par for the course for me.
78 blog posts this year so far - still pretty bad but up from the previous year at 58 posts.  Have to find more time to stitch so I have more to write about.  
  1. One show or exhibition this year!  Doesn't have to be big (it won't be) but something to get me out there at least locally.  It doesn't have to crazy quilting either - just some sort of art or craft.  I am dabbling more now with other things which is fun and helps to get all the stash under control!
I was artist of the month at Vulcan County one month this year and had a great time yarn bombing the county office and town.  
  1. Write at least two articles and submit them for publication.  It's another way to get yourself out there and the research is good discipline.  Lord knows I need discipline! lol  Once again, I don't expect to get two pieces published, but I would like to at least write them and submit them - that is the goal.
Actually had three articles accepted this year and two of them have been published already.
  1. Start taking EAC correspondence courses with the goal of getting my Teacher's Certification from EAC.  This will be long and drawn out - there are quite a few courses needed but this year I will actually start!  We'll see how far I get.
My husband reminded me of this last night and I will order the first class today sometime and get going.
  1. On a similar note, I would like to get back into teaching stitching which means getting some teaching proposals organized and getting them submitted in time for fall deadlines.
I taught two mini-workshops at the Calgary guild and am putting together some proposals to get out there for teaching this year.
  1. This year I am going to aim at entering at least two competitions with my stitching.  Not as ambitious as my related goals in other years but for the queen of procrastination it might be more realistic.
I entered a beaded bracelet this year in the EAC Beaded Jewelery Challenge and snagged 3rd place.  Also entered a couple pieces in the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede - got a ribbon for one of them.
  1. One item made and donated to charity each month.  This will be more difficult now that AAQI is over and done with.  I have been making them little art quilts for some time now and it was a charity that was a perfect fit for me. Expanding to other forms of stitching and crafts will make it a bit easier to accomplish though.
Not good at all!  I still have not found a niche for my charity stitching now that AAQI has closed down.  Did manage a donation to the school auction next door, some stitching fabric to the Youth Embroiderers and a large donation of stitching books to the library in Milo.  I donated a piece to the EAC auction as well and numerous items to the charity raffle at CGNFA but all in all, I need to do more.
  1. You get from something the amount you put into it so I will continue to try to "pay back? through my involvement in The Embroiderers' Association of Canada, the new EAC Virtual Threads cyber chapter and The Calgary Guild of Needle and Fibre Arts.  I am toying with the ultimate payback - teaching youth to stitch.  This is pretty scary for me to contemplate - the ultimate commitment because you can't go around letting kids down once you commit.  I will continue to mull this one around in my mind though and see where it takes me.
I continue my involvement with the EAC board as Prairie Pacific Regional Director and sitting on the board, doing Archives and Workshops now at the Calgary Guild of Needle & Fibre Arts, and doing another term as President of EAC Virtual Threads.  I put the offer out there to teach stitching to the kids next door at the school but they weren't interested.  Will look around for another venue for that.  Joined another stitching group in Okotoks and they are a nice bunch of ladies to sit and stitch with.
  1. This next one is totally predictable - "the room".  I will take up a seam ripper and get in there and get it organized and under control so I can work.  Right now it is just the biggest stash closet imaginable!
I am actually starting organizing the room at present.  I have dragged all my stash to one location in the adjacent room and have started sorting through it.  I hope to be able to stitch in there in the new year.

This year has been a challenge.  I did not go work at the lake this year but the much anticipated extra time did not materialize.  I went overboard on the garden and bit off more than I could chew which meant I actually wasted a lot of time there.  In September my son moved back in with his family and although I enjoy having them here, it is actually a lot of extra work - I seem to spend all my time in the kitchen or doing housework.

All in all, not bad and I am looking forward to setting some more goals for 2015.  Has anyone else made any stitching goals for his year?


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