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Unique Stitching Opportunity - Act Now!

This is the breathtaking site of The Textile Museum in Wesserling Park in France.  How would you like a small piece of your stitching in an exhibit here?  It can happen! Here's the scoop!  DMC has been in operation for 250 years . You can contribute to that history by sending the museum an embroidered letter which will be displayed on a large sign with all the letters sent in embroidered in DMC #321 red.  It will be displayed with all the other letters received in an area of the museum dedicated to the Alsace region where DMC originated.  These embroidered letters will become part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Textile Wesserling and your name will be displayed on a sign of thanks. Here is what you need to do to take part: - Using #321 DMC red, embroider a letter of your choice on a 15 cm X 15 cm (approx 6 inches) piece of white or unbleached fabric (aida, linen, muslin, etc) - any embroidery technique! - Send your embroidery in to be received before May 12

Fourth Grouping of ATCs

Yes, still more ATCs!  All received from the EAC Artist Trading Card Exchange...  Created by Yvonne Kerasiotis in New Brunswick a lovely little stitch sampler.  This colourful little beauty was created by Ruth Palsson in Australia.  Some sequin flowers from Madaline Fowler in New Brunswick  This lovely cross stitch teapot came from Julie Roy in Australia. I was happy to receive this one spider web from Mary Wyn Thompson, a member of Simcoe County Embroidery Guild because as any crazy quilter will tell you, spiders and their webs are for good luck. The pile is slowly getting smaller but I'll still be back with more tomorrow!

And yet another six ATCs!

 Here I go again - showing off some more of the ATCs I received in the recent EAC Artist Trading Card Exchange. These two little owls were made by Jane Keith of New Brunswick. And then another cute little hooter - "Whimsical Owl" by Carol Storie of Saskatchewan.  Sue Thomas created this wonderful bird - I am going to have to find out how she did this!  These two little chickies flew in from Veronica of Starfish Stitchers in Newfoundland.  Debbie Jennings of Ontario created this lovely hanging basket. Last one for today - "Camo Squares" by Mary McConchie of New Brunswick. Stay tuned - more again tomorrow!

More ATCs

 Here is the next grouping of Artist Trading Cards I received in the Embroiderers' Association of Canada's ATC Swap: This one is called Blowing Grasses and was created by Debbie Baier in beautiful Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, BC. "Sashiko Plus" was created by Joanne Moon of Duncan, BC  I love crazy quilting! Thank you to Shirley Foster of Quinte Needlearts Guild in Ontario.  Gail Rodgers of New Brunswick used embroidery to embellish this wonderful fabric. Winnipred Simhauser of Australia created "Button - O" on fabric she dyed herself - love it! I hope you are enjoying these wonderful little works of art I have received in the mail.  There will be more again tomorrow!

Artist Trading Cards in my Mailbox!

I had been having a lot of fun making ATCs for the Embroiderers' Association of Canada's ATC Exchange, and got them sent off in time to meet the deadline.  Now, I have received the ones mine were swapped out for - 35 of them!  lol  I thought I would share a few each day here. Here are the first five: This first one is by Vicki Jericho in Australia.  This canvaswork ATC was created by Doris Baardsen of New Brunswick.  This cross stitch motto is made by Kim Fielding of MGNC.  Jody Sutherland of Marigold Guild made this one.  Sharon Isbill of New Brunswick made this lovely canvaswork card embellished with beads. This pretty card is embellished fabric made by Margaret Whittleton of Quinte Needlearts Guild. I'll share some more tomorrow...

Happy Easter/Spring Cleaning

Here's hoping everyone had a wonderful Easter - I did!  I went up to BC and met up with my two brothers for the weekend at the home of my oldest brother and the wonderful Jackie.  We had a wonderful visit and left reluctantly.  After eating Jackie's cooking, I do not look forward to going back to eating my own!  lol I found a 30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge  you might like to check out.  I have printed it out and it is going up on the frig and I will be going through it day by day until my house sparkles!  By the time I am done I should be able to get out into the garden and start on that - perfect timing!

Bracelet with Tutorial

 I recently saw one of the shibori ribbon bracelets people are making and it reminded me of something I had wanted to try.  This is the cuff that I have made.  I started with three lengths of wide ribbon and sewed them together.  Next I hand basted across the width of the ribbon in order to create uneven gathers when I pulled up the basting threads. I added a couple of favourite buttons as the centre focal point and then started beading in the folds of the gathered ribbon.  The gathers were easy to manipulate because of the way the gathers were basted so I could tuck beads into anywhere I wanted them.  The edges of the ribbon were already finished so there was no need to turn it under.  I wanted the shape to be organic so it is not even on the edges.  I backed the bracelet with wool felt for comfort in wearing and finished the ends.  Add a loop and a button for closure and there you have it. Ta-duh!  Lots of fun and I will likely have another go at it when I find

The Rest of the Vulcan Yarn Bombing

Everyone knows that Vulcan is the home planet of Spock and it was highly illogical for him to be out in winter without a scarf! I finished up my yarn bombing project in Vulcan yesterday and took a few photos I'll share.  I missed the perfect photo op when the police car came tearing in with it's lights flashing at the spot where I had just finished bombing. Since I was half a block away at that point I just kept going! So, here is my handiwork in Vulcan, Alberta.

Sneak Peek - Yarn Bombing in Vulcan

I had  fun with my friend, Bev, yesterday in Vulcan, Alberta, doing a wee bit of yarn bombing.  The best part is seeing the smiles of people passing the sculpture after.  More photos to come...