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Stitching Journal - Jan. 20, 21 & 22

 I am very enamored with thrummed mittens right now, so having finished a pair for Katie, I am now making a second pair for my friend, John.  This pair is going much more smoothly and I am almost done the first of the pair. Jan 20 - 4 hours Jan 21 -  3 hours                                        Jan 22 - 3 hours                                          Total Stitching Tie for 2022 To Date - 21 hours
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Stitching Journal - Jan. 12 - 16, 2022

  All workiing on thrummed mittens: Jan 12 - 3 hours Jan 13 - 1/2 hours Jan 14 - 2 hours Jan 15 - 2 hours                                             Jan 16 - 1/4 hour                                             Yearly Total to Date:  11 hours

Stitching Journal - Jan 8 - 10

  Too busy stitching to journal!  Two and a half hours over the last couple days and finished the first thrummed mitten. Total Stitching for 2022:  5-1/4 hours

Stitching Journal - January 5

  No stitching yesterday but another 2-1/4 hours spent on the thrummed mittens today. Total Stitching Time Year to Date:  3/-1/4 hours 

Stitching Journal - January 4

  I managed to get an hour in last night working on my thrummed mittens.  I didn't make a lot of visible progress because I am really not a knitter.  I knit dishcloths usually, and not fancy ones either. LOL. There are horrendous mistakes in this mitten but I refuse to tear it out and start over for a third time.  If worse comes to worse, I will make three mittens and rip out the first one at the end. Total .Stitching Total for 2022 to Date - 1 hour

Word for the Year

 Well, two actually.  The question came up as to what word you would choose for the coming year.  One suggestion I really like is focus but it is not quite right and sounds a bit chiding to me.  What I really needed was the opposite of Procrastinate and found this online... If to procrastinate is "to put off doing something," then its antonym is  anticipate  — "to deal with beforehand." So you can say the opposite of procrastination is anticipation. If you can live with more than one word, a clearer antonym of procrastination is being proactive. I like the positive sound of anticipate but proactive sounds a bit more forceful which might be better since I really need to take myself in hand here.  So, I will take a page from the book of people who get married and hyphenate their surnames.  My word for the year will be Anticipate/Proactive.

2022 Stitching Journal

  I have decided to keep a daily stitching journal here this year.  It was a little challenge from Virtual Threads, the online chapter of EAC (Embroidery Association of Canada.   Another challenge I have decided to accept is the usual UFO (Unfinished Projects) challenge but more on that later. I will use this little stitching image to easily identify my Stitching Journal Entries.  This will not be limited to projects with a threaded needle, but will include other projects such as the thrummed mittens I am currently struggling with because honestly, I find them a lot more difficult than any embroidery.