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Musings on Trade Offs

This is one of the beautiful sunsets at the lake recently.  The sunrises and sunsets are definitely some of the things I enjoy about my time at the campground every year.  This year things have become rather complicated and I am now starting to think of this year as The Summer of Trade-Offs. In order to accomplish some financial goals this summer I am working two jobs - one 35 hours a week and the other about 40.  So, it is not leaving me much time for stitching, blogging or following my other online activities.  This is the basic difficulty I am having but I seem to be dealing with one trade off after another.  My new year goals have completely gone by the wayside, including teaching classes in the fall since I was unable to get my class proposals submitted in time.  I had to cancel out on the CQI Retreat, the Embroidery Association of Canada's National Seminar and the Fibre Potpourri workshops put on by the Alberta guilds.  I thought that would be the worst of it when I sent i