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Update - waiting on a hip & stitching again

 Crazy long time since the last post again.  Finally figured out how to get signed in again though so time for a little diary entry.   Presently on the list for a new hip - doesn't that look like a fun little project?  No immediate cause to worry though since it takes between 12 to 18 months to get in for a consult with the surgeon.  One month down... seventeen to go. Can't believe that we are still dealing with Covid after more than a year.  I knew it would take awhile but really did think it would be under control by now.  The one year mark was like a magic anniversary in my mind.  Can't really be sure how long it will take to get the vaccine but it is very hopeful now that I can actually name one or two people who have had the needle.  It's like knowing someone who won the lottery.  Almost everyone knows someone at least with six degrees of separation.  I managed to finally focus enough to start stitching again in the new year and have to say I am loving it.  I decid