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This Year's Resolutions

Well, my resolutions are very different this year!  Here goes... 1. To buy no more stitch supplies unless I need them to finish an ongoing UFO.  This may be unrealistic, so I will make a backup - no more than one purchase a month. 2. To work exclusively on UFOs - again slightly unrealistic but I will finish two UFOs at least for every new item I start. 3. MAJOR DE-STASH!  This one is already started and there are currently about ten boxes sitting by the front door waiting to go to the Salvation Army Thrift Store when I find someone who will take them for me.  I have done in my shoulder so can't carry them myself right now. You know this is serious stuff because there are no photos in this post.  I don't believe in posts without photos so if a post is words only they are hopefully words to live by. As I finish the UFOs I will post lots of photos and also ones of works in progress - as soon as I figure out how to stitch with only one arm while hopped up on painkillers.  Al