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Beaded RR #2 - Clairee's block

I finished stitching on Clairee's block in the Beaded RR #2 at CQI. I was so blown away by the work that Simona and Gerry had done that it was hard to get started. But at last I settled on doing the dragonfly using waste canvas and different metallic beads. It was fun to do but took me longer than I thought it would. But I like it and I hope Clairee will too. For the rest I had to scurry because of the mailing deadline and ended up using some pre-beaded ribbon that I got at a cloth house in Calgary, as well as the dark blue/black bugle and seed bead seam. For the other seam I used seed beads to make a big chain to surround the metal tags I had. In the center I used a metal button with a little beaded fringe and lastly I added the cameo. The colours are washed out in the picture cause I had to play with the colour to get the ribbon to show. It is much brighter in person!

Ulla's Replacement Blocks

I had the chance to do some "angel work" on replacement blocks for Ulla that went missing in the mail in the Sampler Round Robin. Happily, the original blocks finally turned up via Pony Express but the replacement blocks are still making the rounds so will be a nice little extra for Ulla. This round robin specified specific stitches for each person - I managed to keep with the stitches although not necessarily the ones that I was supposed to do. But since they are replacement blocks and the originals were found I think it is forgivable . On the first one I did a spider web and the seam next to it with french knots, detached chain stitch and feather stitch. Below that is a buttonhole seam I did. On the second block I did a feather stitch seam in variegated thread with beads and a french knot tree. It was supposed to be a topiary - one of those spiral ones. I think I went too subtle with the shading though so now I think I should string Christmas lights on it cause

Heading out for the Summer!

For the second year in a row I will be working as a campground host at McGregor Reservoir Provincial Recreation Area. I am excited to be going back out to the park but sad as well to be saying goodbye to my family, my home and my usual life for five months. Hopefully, my new laptop and aircard will allow me to stay online but you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men.... So, hopefully I'll be back in a day or two. If not, see you in September!

Its My Bag Challenge

Last year was the second year I took part in the Its My Bag Challenge and I am looking forward to taking part again this year. I have sent off my baggie of goodies and can't wait to see what someone makes from it. As well, I am excited to see what challenges the baggie I receive will offer me. I wanted to show off the lovely items I received from Ann in this last challenge. Aren't they gorgeous?! The first is a cell phone holder which I have already started using and everyone who sees it admires it! The second item was a beautiful needlebook. The picture shows it open, first the outside and then the inside with my initial. I am getting a collection of needlebooks now as we do when we go in swaps so I have decided to use one needlebook for each type of needles. I think this one is the perfect size for beading needles so that is what go in here. The last of the three beautiful items Ann made for me - a shawl pin. Now I am going to knit myself a shawl so I can use