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So, how did your day start?

This is how mine started - with a perfect little mess.  I am in Victory Garden mode because of all that is going on and the Covid-time grocery prices.  So, growing as much of our own food as possible during these times seems like a good idea - save money and keep myself busy.  Since I refuse to go to a store unless I absolutely have to, I am planting seeds in every little container I can find around the house.  These little cucumbers were in a piece of heavy packing material that my instant pot was nestled in.  My husband pointed out it was just like a big peat pot and I agreed but obviously we were both wrong...  As I moved it to a different position to catch more sun, I found out that when the plants were watered this very firm cardboard like material has the strength and consistency of a wet tissue. So, what is a Victory Garden?  The term goes back to World War II when citizens were encouraged to grow a garden to ease the effects of food rationing. After my first grocery shop

Spring is Here! (?)

It felt like spring today!  Winter has seemed so long this year and even though I know I am deluded to think winter is really over, how can you resist believing the warmer weather is here to stay?   Last spring I decided to "get into bees" and set up a hive and ordered a box of bees.    Several days before the bee package was due to arrive, I fell and broke my back - no spinal cord damage but two crushed vertebrae.  So, when the call came that the bees had arrived I was unable to drive to pick them up and my poor, unsuspecting husband had to go off to get them.  I should hasten to add at this point that he was definitely NOT interested in getting into bees.     He was even less interested in driving home for an hour with a mesh box full of approximately 10,000 annoyed honeybees in the back seat.  I have to say he is a good sport.  So, he got the queen and her attendants all situated in the hive and I have had very little to do with them until now.  As you can see a

Long Time...No See!

Wow, has it really been 4 years since I posted?!  Well, I'm back. A lot has happened, lots to catch up on...  I persevered this evening and figured out how to get back into my blog - felt the urge to start a Covid Diary.  I hope everyone who used to follow my blog is well and being safe.  More tomorrow! Kerry