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Furniture Upcycling for the Starving Student 101

I picked up a recliner chair for The Vegan Princess, my favourite Starving Student, at an auction for $10 - cheap because of this tear in the upholstery. I sewed up the hole, stitched on some doilies and voila!  I didn't care for it with the two bottom doilies added but The Vegan Princess liked it so I left them there.

Scissor Fob Received

I am taking part in a Scissor Fob Swap on EAC Virtual Threads and this arrived in the mail from Betty this week.  Please be sure to click on it to see it closer - it is really lovely and an original design from Betty.  I love it! Thanks Betty! And look, I had a little pair of mauve embroidery scissors already - don't they make the perfect pair?!


Knitting dishcloths is what I do when I am not feeling well.  It is enough to keep my hands busy but doesn't engage my brain.  I have been battling a summer cold for a week or so now and my head has been feeling like it is stuffed with sawdust so... four dishcloths.  It was a good time to knit some since my husband had been complaining that I seem to knit a lot of them but we don't have any of our own, which was true. So, thrifty as I am, I picked up a small bag of cotton yarn at the thrift store for fifty cents and managed to get four out of it.  12-1/2 cents each!  Can't beat that price.

My article in Embroidery Canada

 I am always happy when the latest issue of Embroidery Canada lands in my mailbox but this issue was extra special because it featured an article I wrote.  For anyone who follows my new year goals, you know writing and submitting stitching articles is in there so I can cross this off the list!  I used Aida cloth to work up the stitch diagrams and am so happy with how clearly they turned out for the magazine.  The editor, Sandra, really worked magic with what I sent in. So, the article is on chain stitch and variations.  Stitches are one of my favourite subjects and I have already submitted another article on a different stitch and it's variations so I hope to see it in an upcoming issue as well.  Thank you Sandra!

More Gardening...

"After" Gardening and yard work have been taking up a lot of my time this summer.  This is my little flower bed out in the yard.  It was designed to keep anyone from running over our well head which is just behind the bird bath in the photo. "Before" I posted a photo about a month ago and this is what it looked like then.  After working away from home for numerous summers, weeds and grass had completely taken over and a lot of my perennials were lost.  With some work and the addition of annuals and a few new perennials, it is showing great improvement.  Unfortunately the weeds are rampant still and I haven't been able to keep up with them.  Weeding not likely to happen this week either since I have a vicious summer head-cold and the temperatures are 30-plus Celcius all week. Here's another gardening photo for you.  I was pretty sceptical of the upside down tomato planters but decided to try it this year.  This one is a grape tomato and is hangi