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Well, this has nothing to do with stitching and is not even interesting but I need to vent so here goes.  DH and I have been saving to have a nice gravel driveway put in.  We wanted a nice circular one with a space off one side for parking the boat and trailer.  We finally got around to calling someone to have it done.  Well, never mind it came in hundreds of dollars over the price he quoted us.  I thought DH sounded funny on the phone when I asked him how it looked but today I went home for a laundry run and got my first look at it.  You will note there is no picture because I don't want to have to look at it.  For some reason the gravel is half dirt which will be great in the spring - a nice mudhole we can all track into the house.  There is nowhere to put the boat and trailer - no gravel pad and there is a huge pile of sod and dirt there that apparently I am going to have to move and find somewhere to take?  Literally tons of the stuff!  At the space at the side of the porch where my pond and shade garden was going to go, there is a gravel pad.  Oh yes, and the circular driveway?  It is a rectangle!  It looks like the parking lot at the front of a bloody strip mall!  I understand now that that little change was made to save more lawn!  Well, since the only thing anyone ever does with the lawn is complain about mowing it .... goodie.  DH and I have discussed on occasion that we would be happier if the whole lawn were gravel with pots of plants on it.  I am so mad to think that an entire month of my wages went to make this monstrosity.  It looked better before he started.  I guess I am the only one who will walk over to someone and say no - that isn't what we want.  PO'd doesn't even begin to describe how I am feeling.  And the best part?  The fellow who did it is a neighbour so we can either grin and bare it - and pay up - or have a neighbourhood feud.  Like I said before... oh goodie.


Bellesanbeaus said…
Aww you poor thing...nothing worse than having to fix/live with a poor job and then having to pay for it is really a slap. No easy way out of this one sugar but hoping some good will come from it for you. big hugs Beth
Barb said…
Wow...that is horrible...I would be so unhappy to...well...angry....hope you can get this resolved.
Arlene White said…
Oh buddy, I don't know what to say, just I hope all turns out well in the end.
do think there might be a comprise there somewhere?

Debbie said…
Oh Kerry, wow! First take a deep breath and then collect your thoughts. You definately need to let this guy know you are NOT happy.Be direct, let him know exactly why your not happy, and be nice! BUT with that being said do NOT let him mistake your kindness as a weakness my friend! Debbie (Maine)
Gerry Krueger said…
I agree with Debbie... You at least have to address the fact that what he did and what you wanted were not the same... You may not get the pad moved but you should have the circle... Inquire about where he got the gravel and if they might be cheating him on quality... At the very least let him know that he can't expect to use you as a reference... If possible let Gary handle it...sounds like a guy that might just dismiss a woman as a bitch... Gerry
Wendy said…
Oh my goodness Kerry, you should get what you paid him to do! Why should you have to live with what he decided you should have, when you gave specific instructions on what you wante. I would be very upset about this also. You paid good hard earned money and should recieve what you paid for. No excuses!

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