Monday, February 13, 2012

More Piecing....BORING!

I know, this is a boring post with another batch of empty blocks but I feel like I have to prove I have been doing something!  lol  These are six more blocks, for the other Fools Gold DYB this time, again done in bridal fabrics.  Once they are embellished I think all this boring white will be very pretty but for now, not so much so...

The six blocks together is a little more interesting!  You can start to see the quilt here right?  Now mentally add the other six blocks for the other Fools Gold DYB Round Robin and it is growing into something. 
In any case, these blocks are winging their way off to Flora and I hope they will inspire her!

1 comment:

Gerry said...

Hi Kerry,
My goodness, you are always up to something, aren't you? LOL.

Congrats on the exhibition. You do lovely work!!!!

Your white blocks are gorgeous. I'll be sure to check back and see the progress.

Thanks for stopping by to visit and to comment. Miss ya!!!!