Sunday, February 19, 2012

Merle's FFT Round Robin Block (1st Motif)

I have been working on Merle's round robin block the last few days.  She has chosen "winter" as the theme for her block and it was interesting to see other stitcher's interpretation of the season.   No one else experiences a Canadian winter is my guess!  lol  I got out my waste canvas and winged it to try to create some Northern Lights for Merle.  I stitched three blackwork evergreen trees in the foreground. 

I love removing the waste canvas to see how it looks - I think it worked all right.  At least it fits the picture I had in my mind when I picked up my needle!  It seemed a good omen too that as I was finishing stitching on the motif last night, the Northern Lights were actually dancing in the nightsky.  We are too far south to get them very often so I always love seeing them - like seeing a rainbow, it always gives you a good feeling.


Suztats said...

I haven't seen the northern lights for several years, but they are a beautiful site. Nice cross-stitching!

Judy said...

Your northern lights are beautiful...I have a question. I'm new to cq and don't know what you mean by waste canvas. What is it?

If it's not too much trouble could you email the answer?

oxo Judy