Monday, February 20, 2012

Finally finished!

This dresser followed me home from the thrift store - I think I paid $20 for it.  It has been an ongoing project at my house for almost a year now!  lol  I picked it up because it had the signs I look for - dovetailed drawers, no staples, solid wood, and fairly good condition under all the paint.  I could see some good wood and workmanship and thought it had potential so I started stripping the layers of paint:  grey, yellow, white, then the original varnish...  It took me forever and I got tired of the process so dh took over when he could see the wood as well and agreed there was something under there worth finding.
 Check out the grain on this wood!  Yummy!  I can't decide if it is cherry or mahogany?  It turned out beautifully anyway!
 Part of what charmed me with this piece was the original hardware which we put back on.  The metal brackets are held on by what appears to be bakelite cylinders with screws protruding from them.  You put the screw through the holes in the metal piece and screw them into the drawer fronts.  Cool, eh?
 Another charmer on this was the detail on the front - I love this pattern that is carved out.  It makes it easy to tell you have the drawers in the right order - added bonus!  lol
This is an awful photo of the finished piece.  Refer to the ones above for the richness of the colour, etc.  I got up this morning though to find dh had put the last coat of varnish on and I couldn't resist taking photos and posting right away.  I was so excited to see it done!
Have I mentioned that dh is a saint?  It has to be six months ago I gave his dresser away to dgd when she needed one, figuring this one would be done in no time.  His clothes have been sitting in laundry baskets on the bedroom floor ever since and he never complains!  Yes, this is the same man who went to look at a derelict, abandoned church twenty years ago and agreed to see what I saw in it - potential!  God - I love that man!!


Juli said...

That turned out beautifully. I have my hubby do the same sort of thing for me.

I once bought a "what in the heck is that" piece of furniture. Turned out it was a wine rack. I use it to hold my projects in "que" and my ironing gadgets.

Marilyn said...

The end result was certainly worth the wait. The dresser is gorgeous.

Cathy K said...

Wowsers! Not only did it turn out magnificently, but it proves that you have a Great Eye for Good Stuff! Bruce and I have been drooling, and he can’t tell either if it is mahogany or cherry. You go, girl!!

Skye said...

Kerry, this is lovely! I'm a thrift store/rummage sale hunter and I love it when I find such bargains and you most definitely hit the jackpot..I most recently found 5 1/2 yards of white cotton the thrift store thought was a sheet. It hadn't even been laundred yet ...Its absolutely lovely!! Enjoy!! hugs, Skye

Debbie S. said...

Wow Kerry that dresser is beautiful. Great find. And your husband sounds like a gem. I have a keeper husband too. Do you have photos of the way you set your home up in the space.