Thursday, February 23, 2012

Journal Project - Step 2

As promised, I am sharing my progress with my first attempt at an art journal of sorts.  I am still very much in the preparation mode, working on the mechanics of modifying something to use for my first little journal. 
 After almost a week's delay because of having to find time to drive to the city to buy something as simple as a bottle of gesso (thank you Walmart for driving all the stitching & art stores out of business and then not carrying anything in stock yourself!), I started by sanding the pages of the children's board book.  The pages are shiny so I wanted to rough them up so they would hold paint.
Next I painted the pages with the white gesso to cover what was on the pages and create a blank canvas to work on.  So, now I am ready to get started with the fun stuff! 

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