Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Blogtoberfest #5 - I`m Pouting!

This is a very discouraging time of the year for me.  It is the time when the venues I have submitted class proposals to count up their registrations for each class and let me know if they will "be a go".  I am always disappointed to find out there was not enough interest in a class for it to run - I want everyone to learn about stitching in general and crazy quilting in particular and learn to love it like I do! 

So, what to do about this I ask myself?  I guess the answer to this will have to be twofold:
(1) how do I get myself cheered up about it?, and (2) how do I work towards a more successful outcome in the future?

These two questions are related after all because if I get a more successful outcome, it will make me feel better as well!

Looking at the first question first...
- I should relax and let go of the stress.  After all, now I don't have to worry about getting all the class prep completed in time, right? 
- I can go back to working on my Penny Rug project without feeling guilty because of the samples, etc. I should really be doing.  No class - no samples needed!
- Return to my belated "spring cleaning" - reclaiming my house after five months away and getting it back to the way I like it.  NOT pointing any fingers here either - dd was working away as well and dh was doing his best while working 10+ hour days with 3+ commuting time. 
- All my suitcases from retreat - most of which are stash - still need to be unpacked and that has got to be like Christmas! 
- The trailer still needs to be unpacked and cleaned up - all I managed to unpack before I left for retreat was the refrigerator in there! 
- I am just burning to try the piecing techniques I learned from Martha Green at retreat.  That will be a real treat to myself!

Now, what to do about next session's classes? 
- promote it!  This is difficult for me - I don't like blowing my own horn.  I am scheduled to have a little display though as "Artist of the Month" at the county offices in January and that might build a bit of interest in crazy quilting I hope so it is a plus. 
- I'll make a few phone calls this morning also to the different venues and see if I can get them to let the people registered in the classes that won't run know that the same classes are scheduled elsewhere.  Perhaps if they combine them they will be able to go.
- Concentrate on the classes that will be running and put the others out of my mind for now.  Concentrate on the positive, right?

Okay, so here is where you can help me!  Any ideas on what kind of classes you would like to take?  What might others be interested in?  Any suggestions?


Pat Winter said...

Hi Kerry,I'm not the typical "teacher". I love CQ and want others to learn and enjoy it as I do however when I don't want a "job" so I allow students to come to me when they are interested and don't really promote my classes much, if at all so I'm probably no help at all but I think you should relax and make kits, plan lessons and so on while you are waiting for students. I have a ball when I teach, and so far, everyone I've taught in my home studio has left happy and charged up to CQ. I just had a cancellation and I felt relief because I've felt like I have no time to just play. If you need to teach for income, I would suggest joining your local art center. I know I could have classes all the time there but, I don't want to. I know that sounds bad, but I am just playing it through comfortably. If someone wants a class, they know they can request one almost anytime with me. Hang in there and enjoy your time off.

Elaine said...

Hi Kerry,
On the second point, I really think you aught to blow your own trumpet!!

I have never done CQ but your blog is so inspirational that I know that if I lived near you, I would jump at the chance of taking a class with you.

So ..... would flyers mentioning what you are offering and mentioning your blog be something to consider? If people even vaguely interested in sewing come and look round your blog, I think they would really consider a class with you.

Grovenore said...

OK, just lost my comments; let me try again! What about a CQ class with the Calgary and Edmonton embroiderer's guilds? These people already know how to stitch; maybe they just need/want a push towards CQ. Maybe Olds Fibre Potpourri weekend. I believe the Calgary guild is organizing it this year. Good luck. Grovenore

Marilyn said...

I'm sure glad you are posting every day this month. My morning blog reading was pretty short while all of you were at the retreat.

I have a couple of my art quilts on display at the library for Art Week here. I don't have any cq pieces that I could take up but maybe you can find more places to display yours. I have seen paintings in restaurants, maybe in some office or professional buildings. Although it must be disappointing that your classes didn't happen, maybe you could look on it as an opportunity to take some time for your projects. I love your pumpkin :)

ARLENE said...

I read this and I'm so bummed because there are absolutely NO CQ classes in my area, so I must content myself with online classes. When the CQ Adventure in Glastonbury was cancelled, I pouted all day! If I were anywhere near your area, I'd have signed up for ALL your classes. I'm glad I can take online classes, but they're no substitute for the real thing. Sorry yours didn't pan out.