Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blogtoberfest - I'm In!

You can read all about Blogtoberfest by clicking on the button in the sidebar.  I was taking some time today to check out the blogs I try to follow and decided it was a good time for me to jump into something like this.  So, I have signed up and here I am October 1st with my first Blogtoberfest post.  It seems lately that so much of what I do on the computer is work - not the kind you get paid for, but putting time and energy out there and hoping it benefits someone besides myself.  I think it is time for some "me time" so Blogtoberfest will be my little gift to myself - a time to randomly blog about what interests me each day and what I'm doing.
Today is pretty boring - I'm in the midst of spring cleaning.  Yes, I know it isn't spring but after being at the campground for four months and then away at Colorado at the crazy quilting retreat, I am finally home and trying to catch up on the housework - washing windows, walls, light fixtures, etc.
One happy note though is that my sweetie just walked through the door, back from his hunting trip, so finally we get to spend some time together! 

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