Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thank you!

I was settled into an evening of stitching working on my pumpkin (on the 4th and last layer now!) when I realized I had not posted today so had to get back on the computer briefly to do so - can't fail at Blogtoberfest this early in the month!

I want to thank everyone for your thoughtful comments and helpful suggestions with regard to my pout about my classes being cancelled due to lack of registration.  I will definitely put some of these into effect in time for the next session of classes.  Thank you!

The last couple days have continued to be stressful for various reasons but with the long weekend coming up in a few days (it will be Thanksgiving here in Canada on Monday) I am looking forward to some restful days.  DH is planning on going out hunting this weekend and DD is working her last weekend at the campground so it will be DIY and HGTV on the TV, and toast or yogurt for meals.  My kind of lazy weekend with lots of time to stitch! Monday everyone will be home again and I'll cook a small turkey for Thanksgiving with all the trimmings.  Hopefully I will manage to get my penny rug finished so I can share it with you in time for Thanksgiving!

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