Thursday, October 27, 2011

Embroiderers' Association of Canada

Sometimes I mention EAC here, which refers to the Embroiderers' Association of Canada.  (If you are from the US, you can equate EAC with EGA.)  I thought it might be interesting to share a little about this group.  EAC is a national non-profit educational organization whose purpose is to have a fellowship of persons who enjoy needlework and wish to learn and share their knowledge; and thereby  work towards maintaining higher standards of design, colour and workmanship. EAC's aim is to preserve traditional techniques and promote new challenges i the Art of Embroidery through education and networking.  You can learn more about EAC by visiting their website.

EAC is made up of numerous Chapters which are located across Canada, and in additional there are a number of Youth Chapters.  You can join EAC either as a national member if you are not affiliated with a specific Chapter, or if you join a Chapter your membership to EAC is included.  I first joined the Calgary Guild of Needle & Fibre Arts (CGNFA) over twenty years ago and I have never regreted that decision!  In the years I have belonged I have benefited from many workshops and classes and have attended EAC's National Seminar three times.  Last year's Seminar was held in Sackville, New Brunswick, and next year it will be in Victoria, British Columbia - from sea to sea!  I have also been able to attend Olds Fibre Potpourri (an event hosted in alternate years by the Chapters in Calgary and Edmonton) numerous times and have learned even more there.  It is so exciting to me to have the opportunity to learn and explore new techniques and different forms of embroidery. 

So, the reason I decided to tell you a bit about EAC is because I think these organizations are very important.  There is nothing like interacting with other stitchers in person, seeing what other people are working on, learning and growing together.  So, if you don't belong to a group yet where you actually go out and meet with other stitchers - give it a try! 


Shari said...

Kerry, I am a Life Member of EGA and have belonged to the Pikes Peak Chapter for over 30 years, myself. I also belong to the ANG (American Neeldepoint Guild). I whole heartedly agree with you on the importance of these types of organizations. There is so much that they have to offer an individual in the way of general needlework knowledge and techniques. I am always urging people to get out and take part at the local and national level of EGA. So much of what I have been able to share with people has been the result of classes taken and workshops attended thru EGA and ANG in addition to what I learned at my grandmother's knee that just reinforces it all. Good post.

Jeanine in Canada said...

A great post about EAC, I'm a National member and very much love being a part of this and the EGA. Perhaps we'll meet in Victoria next year!
Jeanine in Canada