Saturday, October 15, 2011

Update on Breast Cancer Auctions

 The CQI's crazy quilts for Breast Cancer have been relisted with some lovely closeup photos and more time to allow for bidding.  This first one, Golden Crazy Quilt for the Cure, can be seen on Ebay here.
 I love the little black corset in this closeup of the quilt!  This block was made by Hideko in Japan.
 The lovely pink ribbon meandering across this block serves as a reminder for the cause we are tring to raise the money for.
The block featured in this portion was created by Rose Anne B of Canada. 

 The auction for this second quilt, Crazy Quilt for the Cure, is located here on Ebay.  As with the other quilts, the proceeds are going to Susan G Komen for the Cure. 

I hope you enjoy these closeups of the second quilt.
The third crazy quilt up for auction is entitled, Another Crazy Quilt for the Cure, appropriately enough!  Check out the auction here.

Here are three closeups of this third quilt so that you can enjoy the details of the stitching.  Just click on the photos to enlarge them.

The 4th and final quilt in CQI's auction to benefit breast cancer is A Tribute to Mother, created by Diane Matheson of Ontario, Canada. 

You can see a bit more of the details in this photo.  To check out the auction for A Tribute to Mother, go here. All four auctions are ending on October 24th, so please visit them today!

Please feel free to borrow any of these photos or information for your own blog.  Help us spread the word!  Thanks!

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