Tuesday, October 11, 2011


These are the Pecan Praline Bars/Cookies I posted the recipe for the other day - ooey, gooey goodness! 

Blogtoberfest is really turning into a challenge for me - posting every day even when I do not have a lot to say! 

We had Thanksgiving dinner at my house Monday.  Thanksgiving is in October here in Canada so it i a bit confusing - the folks in the US were having Columbus Day instead this weekend.  They will be celebrating their Thanksgiving in November.  My favourite part of Thanksgiving is the break from cooking you get because of all the turkey leftovers!

I am starting a new job this week and so I am a bundle of nerves.  It is silly to still be nervous in a situation like this.  How many jobs have I had in my lifetime?  Lots!  But I still get nervous when there is a change.  If this job works out, I do not expect to be going back to the lake next summer so that will be another big change for me.

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Annie said...

Hope the new job works out. It's perfectly normal to be nervous about it!