Saturday, October 23, 2010

Shared Pansy Block for Alice

I posted about this block a few days ago but as it turns out I added a bit more to it.  Seems like it is going home to Alice now and I only needed to leave space for two motifs she has ready to add to it.  So, I left the yellow and mauve patches for that purpose and finished up the rest.  I added a couple of velvet leaves to the white pansy Arlene had made, added the beautiful little butterfly I received from Hideko, built a little spider web and added some pretty purple flower beads and silk leaves in the top corner.  I also added three more seam treatments, one of which is totally hidden behind the pansy, lol.  The one above the yellow patch is detached chain stitch, french knots, and straight stitches.  At the right of the mauve patch I added a feather stitch with some largish beads.  Both are done in silk buttonhole.  The block is heading home to Alice now. 

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bubbygigi said...

Kerry, the block is beautiful! I love the pansies. How did you make them?