Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Little Retreat Gifts

It is the custom at the CQI retreat for participants to being little gifts to give everyone else.  This year I managed to get two small gifts made for everyone so thought I would share what I made since the little gifts have all been exchanged by now.

The first is a needleminder.  This was pretty simple - it consists of two small rare earth magnets and I have glued a bead to the top one to dress it up a little.  While you are stitching, you put one magnet above your work and one below your work and they will hold fast there since the rare earth magnets are very strong.  This gives you a handy place to put your needle when it is idle so you do not have to park it in the actual stitching. 

The second item I made for everyone is a beaded scissor fob.  These are handy when you are taking a class as they distinquish your scissors from everyone else's and you are less likely to come home with the wrong scissors.  Also, they are fun and pretty! 

Either of these items are ideas if your guild or group is ever responsible for making favours for a gathering.  They are not complicated and do not take too long.

When I get back from the retreat I will show you what little treasures I have received in the way of gifts from the other stitchers there.

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Mosaic Magpie said...

I know they loved both of your gifts. Great idea about the magnetic needle minder. And the scissor fob is such a fun thing to have. Helps you find your scissors sometimes too.