Tuesday, October 12, 2010

FFT 12 - Replacement Block for Cris

Another bit of round robin angel stitching here.  Cris's block was lost in the mail during the FFT 12 Round Robin and a replacement block is making the rounds now for her.  I was lucky enough to be the first to stitch on it which is always fun because you get to set the tone for the block.  The first thing I added was a salvaged piece of vintage jewelry featuring a petit point rose.  I placed a small lace circle under it.  I added the seam above that patch, using buttonhole semi-circles, trios of detached chain stitch and purple beads.  At right angles to that seam is another constructed of herringbone stitch, cretan stitch, straight stitches, detached chain stitches and gold beads.  I added another motif under that from a piece of trim.  I did the small seam treatment at the bottom with buttonhole stitches, detached chain stitch and silver rose beads.  Lastly I did one last seam treatment on the right hand side with overlapping rows of feather stitch.  All the seams were done with Gloriana Princess Petite Perle silk thread.

This is how Cris's block looked when I mailed it off to Sandy, who is the next stitcher in the rotation.


Maureen said...

So pretty! You do lovely work Kerry.

Laurie said...

Kerry you do the prettiest stitches! Love the colors she used in this block also!