Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hankies, Hankies, Hankies!

What tickles your fancy on a thrift store treasure hunt?  The other day, for me, it was a treasure trove of vintage ladies' hankies! 

These are the ones that managed to follow me home.  Among them I had a couple favourites.

Firstly, there is this lovely handpainted pansy one from Toronto.

My absolute favourite is this vintage souvineer of Canada, featuring the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police).  Back in the Canada's pioneer days the Mounties, as they are affectionately called, were reputed to always get their man!  I love this hankie - it brings to mind old stories of the Mounties hunting The Mad Trapper through the bush for years until they finally caught up with him.  I can see an entire quilt being inspired by this one hankie!

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Laurie said...

Hah! Yesterday we went to Brass Armadillo in Iowa, it's an antique, vintage mall, and they had tons of vintage hankies. I gravitated to one booth that had so many, but was rushed away. I want to go back and get some, at a dollar a hanky, I could have made a killing!!