Friday, June 25, 2010

Wedding Jitters - no stitching (just babbling)

I know it is my son who is getting married tomorrow and not me, but I still have a major case of the jitters!  lol  I can't stitch, can't even concentrate to read, so I thought I would share a few pictures and babble away.

First off I'm sharing photos of what I want for my birthday.  Got DH out to the campsite last night so he could see it.
Here is DH right after I popped this bundle of joy into his arms at the campsite of the breeder.  Notice the puzzled look on his face:  "You want this for your birthday?
Within thirty seconds he has reached the second state of holding a puppy:  "She sure is cute!"
And, as simple as that, she has wrapped her little curly tail around his heart and she is mine!  She is an eight week old Pomeranian puppy - just as sweet and darling as can be. 
Enough of puppies for now.  Here is the swallow nest that is rebuilt every year in one of the outhouses in the park.  It is a concrete building and the door has about a two inch space at the top which is how they access it.  This outhouse is at the back of the playground and sees very little traffic so it is a nice quiet place for them to call home. 
The reason I am showing you this?  Well, we all consider ourselves fiber artists of one kind or another, right?  Well, ask yourself - if all you had was dirt and grass you found on the ground and your own spit, could you create anything like this?  Kind of takes us down a notch or two doesn't it?  lol
And in this closeup of the nest - have you ever managed to paint anything as lovely as that egg?  I love all the feather work too!

I promised myself I would stop obsessing over the beavers and their handiwork but I lied.  Here is a closeup of their latest project.  See all the wood chips they leave at the base of the tree?  Did you know that a beaver's teeth grow continually throughout their lifetime?  They need to, don't they?  They chewed their way about three quarters of the way through this tree and left it for a couple weeks.  Last week we had a bit of a windstorm and down it came.

I know all creatures are entitled to eat and build a home but I can't help seeing the loss of this tree as tragic.  What are beavers doing on the prairie anyway eating the few trees we have?  They should pack up and move to a forest!

Next subject!  Are you starting to wonder yet if I have ADD?  Well, you won`t be the first.  This is just a little wild rose I took a picture of yesterday.  The wild rose is the provincial flower for my province of Alberta.  I didn`t capture the colour properly - they are such a delicious shade of pink and smell divine!  How can you look at this and not be thinking of stumpwork?

Okay, that is all I have to say today - see you all in a couple days after the wedding!


Laurie said...

You'll LOVE your Pom Kerry! Mine is a pamperd little guy,such a sweetheart.
I'm like you, every flower, well anything in nature I see, it sticks in my head as something I can embroider. We have wild rose bushes in the yard that just now quit blooming. The scent is intoxicating! I too, want to ribbon embroider one! Have a great time at your sons wedding, and congratulations!

shawkl said...

Hang in there mom! It will all be over in a couple of days!!

Gerry Krueger said...

Pictures Pictures remember we want pictures of you and Gary and your son and lots of the bride...

Connie said...

I love your new puppy!

Cynthia said...

I love the pictures, Kerry. And the puppy is wonderful. I've heard Poms are a great dog.

Good luck at the wedding.