Tuesday, June 15, 2010

BAS - Week 56 - Pekinese Stitch

I have been experimenting the last couple nights with Pekinese Stitch (aka Chinese Stitch) because it is a required stitch in the EAC course I am taking. 

You start with a row of backstitch and then wrap the backstitches as I have done below.  Make your backstitches a little looser than you usually would to allow room for the wrapping.  Use a crewel or blunt needle for the wrapping so that you don't split any threads.

This is what you end up with then - Pekinese Stitch, also known as Chinese Stitch.  This was my first attempt and now I have taken pictures of it I am going to frog it!  (rippit rippit) 

I have started over and will share that one when I have it done.  I am much happier with how the second one is going together.  In the meantime though, Sharon B has an excellent page on Pekinese Stitch in her Dictionary of Stitches.  Where would we be without Sharon B!?  She tells a bit about the history of the stitch as well as very clear how-to and a lovely variation.  EHow also has an explanation of the stitch although no visuals.  Maureen of CrazyQstitcher has a landscape she has done with this stitch if you would like to look at the photo of that - it illustrates a more traditional use of the stitch.  By far the clearest illustration I found of the stitch can be found here

This is a very interesting stitch from a historical standpoint and there is a fair bit of imformation out there if you google it.  In any case, have fun and I hope you enjoy this week's challenge!

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Faye said...

Kerry, I think your stitching is fine. If you place a second row beside it, it'll come togther then...