Thursday, June 3, 2010

Notes from the Lake and thereabouts

My sweetie brought me flowers to the trailer!  It felt go nice to be treated like what dd refers to as a girlie-girl.  I am feeling definitely non-girlie out here - my nails are wrecked, my hands are rough and it has been so cold and wet so far this spring I feel like I should be doing a daily check to see if I am developing mold!  lol

What is it with abandoned farmhouses and the prairies?  I swear I think people just locked the doors (or not) in the Depression and walked away and left them to fall down on their own.  With the prevailing winds from the west a lot of them just lean further and further until they fall over.  I drive by this one all the time and always think I would like to take a photo of it and finally did.

In an earlier post I mentioned that dh had built me a balcony on the second floor of our house so we could enjoy the view of the mountains.  Here they are!  They show up pretty well when they are snow capped like this.  My view isn't actually this good - I admit to using the zoom on the camera!


Kitty said...

Beautiful photos, Kerry - I'd love to take some shots of that abandoned farmhouse - so photogenic! :)

Jackie said...

Breath taking. How lovely the mountains.
And like you, am fascinated with old abandoned places -- there are so very few left around here any more -- land is too expensive -- so most has been sold and now instead of a look into the past all we see are apartment complexes -- just yesterday I was driving in the country -- and there in the middle of a cornfield -- literally -- are two buildings that house about 10 condos each. Yuck!!!!