Thursday, June 10, 2010

I won Nicki Lee's giveaway!

A little while ago, I posted about Nicki Lee having a giveaway on her blog.  Well, I had not mentioned it before but... I WON!  You would not believe how beautiful this little cupboard is in person.  The mosaic work is beautiful - each little rose on the china pieces is perfectly trimmed and situated.  It has inspired me to try a mosaic project of my own.  I will share photos of that when and if I get it done (I have found the perfect piece to try mosaics on though and have it safely stashed in the shed here that is meant to hold my campground supplies - lol).  The drawer knobs on this cabinet are beautiful pieces of costume jewelry - just perfect!  But, did you wonder what was in those three little drawers?

The bottom drawer held a surprise!  Three little mother of pearl fish beads and three pieces of Nicki Lee's beautiful hand dyed lace!  I can see an Under the Sea themed piece in my future now!

One of the other drawers held a treasure trove of more of Nicki Lee's gorgeous laces!  I just love the delicate colours she achieves on her lace.  My favourite out of this batch is the piece of trim with the mauve tulips - isn't it just almost too gorgeous to use?!

Then, as if that wasn't enough, there was one more drawer to explore...  more treasures!  This time it was an assortment of ric rac, beads, buttons, threads and ribbon.  I am so grateful to have these wonderful additions to my stash!  Thank you, Nicki Lee!

Now, I am happy to have won but I am sad that I sent other people over and they didn't win!  So, first of all, I think I should tell you where you can get gorgeous laces like these for yourself.  Nicki Lee sells them on her Etsy store, Raviolee Dreams

I still feel guilty so I think I will have to return the favour, balance the karma, etc. by having a giveaway of my own.  Stay tuned! 

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