Friday, June 11, 2010

Notes from the Lake - I'm bushed!

Too tired to even add a photo to this post!  What a day!  I woke up and cleaned all the outhouses at the campground.  Then, since my mower is broken, the boss turned up with THE BIG ONE!  He promptly mowed the entire place in half a day - what would have taken me a week on my piddly little riding mower.  Course, with the boss around, a person has to keep looking busy so I basically followed around picking up all the litter that had been hiding in the long grass.  Since the mower can't reach under the concrete picnic tables I got out the whipper snipper and managed to get all that done.  Ended up with a back spasm for my trouble and hobbled around collecting from all the weekend campers that came out today.  After that, it was dark! I am too old for 12 hour work days that actually include physical work...  I am actually too tired to stitch so I am breaking one of my resolutions and not even doing my mandatory 15 minutes of stitching today.  If you would like, you can send me some cheese to go with this whine!  As for myself, I'm taking an extra pill for the arthritis and an Advil and hitting the sack.  No stitching day - bummer!


Annie said...

I'm exhausted just reading that! Hope you get some rest and lose the aches and pains.

Laurie said...

No stitch pics!? I'll go through withdraws! But I'll forgive you, and empathize with your pain. Take it easy Kerry, you'll be ready to stitch again! Now get some sleep!

Gerry Krueger said...

How about adding a good heating pad and a serious gin and tonic!! works every time ... Body may still hurt but who cares!!!

Hugs Ger