Sunday, June 13, 2010

Carolyn's Shared Block - Pansy RR

This is Carolyn's extra block in the Pansy round robin I am in at CQI.  I got to pick which block would be the shared one so I chose this beautiful pink one.  Since there will be five of us stitching on this little six inch block, each of us will only get to do a little.  I did the feather stitch seam.  The detached chain stitches are done in a tatting thread.  I couldn't resist using it since it was a pink to green variegation.  It was actually quite nice to embroider with.  
I also did the button trail.  First of all, I decoupaged the pansy picture onto a mother of pearl button.  At the top is a silk ball button and I used Adirondack dye (Willow) to dye it to work with the greens in the block.  The little shell button next to it was also dyed with a rose colour of Adirondack.  Other than that, just the usual assortment of buttons, beads and charms.  I'll be sending Carolyn 's blocks off in the mail in a day or so. 
This is the entire shared block with lots of room left for everyone else to play.

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Laurie said...

This is so pretty Kerry, I love the fabric choices, and your stitching is so perfect!