Friday, August 20, 2010

Notes from the Lake

What a sunset!  And the sun isn't even setting yet - it still has a way to go!  This sunset is so spectacular because of all the smoke in the air here from the forest fires in British Columbia.  Take into account that the fires are hundreds of miles away from here and it is pretty amazing.

Even in the daytime, you can see the smoke in the air.  It is like a thick haze on the horizon.
What is usually a crystal clear view is muted and fuzzy looking.

The lake and the smokey sky just seem to be blending into each other.

To the west, you really can't see anything at all.

The view of the next farm is usually so clear I can almost look in their windows and see what they are eating for breakfast, but now I can barely see the buildings.  It is almost a full day's drive from here to the fires and yet it is still so smokey you can smell that campfire smell from all the wood burning and you can taste it in the air.  I can feel my chest tightening up and I can only wonder how hard it is for the people who live near the fires?  My heart goes out to the people who face the fires every year - hopefully these will be under control soon.

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Laurie said...

How sad Kerry, all because of carelessness. I feel for you breathing the smokey air, and from such a distance. Take care, and I too feel for those who are in the midst of this.